Support Us

Board Chair Rachel Weber, Mayor Richard Riordan, and Artistic Director Melissa Barak at Barak Ballet's annual Fall Fundraiser, 2016

Donating to Barak Ballet is not only a fully tax-deductible donation, but an important contribution towards a ballet company dedicated to presenting fresh and extraordinary dance performances in Los Angeles and beyond. This simply cannot happen without your generosity and support.  Please find a level of giving that suits you, and discover ways you can become more deeply involved with Barak Ballet and its artists.  We are hugely thankful for your interest and support.

If you wish to donate by check please send to Barak Ballet at 1709 Stewart St. Santa Monica, CA 90404.  Make checks payable to Pasadena Arts Council with ‘Barak Ballet’ written on the memo line.

*Barak Ballet is a project of the Pasadena Arts Council’s EMERGE  Fiscal Sponsorship Program

A huge Thank You to our Donors, Patrons, and Friends without whose support Barak Ballet would not be possible!

Founder’s Circle ($25,000+)

California Community Foundation, Lloyd E. Rigler – Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation, The Limato Foundation, *Marjorie Goodson *Honorary Member

Diamond Circle ($10,000+)

Marion R. Weber Charitable Trust

Patron Circle ($5,000+)

Rachel Weber, Maya Varnell

Gold Circle ($2,500+)

Mr. William Bloomfield, Mayer & Morris Kaplan Family Foundation, Victoria Yust, Ian Mcllvaine

Silver Circle ($1,000+)

Melissa Oman, Elisabeth and Brian Wolf, Warren Weber, Kathy Moray, Helen Chu, Lee and Ann Cooper, Toshiko Honda, David Pullman, Claudia Barasch and Shelly Hirshon, Douglas Sills

Bronze Circle ($500+)

Robert Schulman, Justin Connolly, Patricia Brown, Peggy Danielson, Catharine Soros, Jeff Assaf, Trish Blessing

Artist Circle ($250 annual membership)

Susanne Meline, Richard and Leslie Curtis, Peter and Mary Gross, Margie Greenwald, Mark Howell, Jacqueline Crowley, Gerald and Carla Du Manoir, Deborah Kennel, Anne Brilliant, Deborah Collodel, Diane Forester, Susan Friedman, Bronwyn Jones, Lisa Kessler, Judith Meister, Andrea and Christopher Scharff, Carol and Arthur Silbergeld, Diana Stephan, Jon and Linda Twichell, Sandra Wisot

Friends ($100+)

Martin and Nancy Chalifour, Peter and Namhee Gilhuly, Renae Niles, Philippe Perebinossoff, Yaniv Schulman, Bob Riddle, Victoria Yust, Alison Burnett, Scott Poland, Jae Yoo, Jon and Michele Terry, Hamed Tavajohl, Judith Meister, Jennifer Bellah, Mariann Thomas, Scott Wheeler, Fran Lasker, Roni Tunick, Melissa Reid

Supporters ($50+)

Ellen Bar, Edina Plicanic, Lauren Linde, Angela Vennes-Falivena, Lauren O’Connell, Kenneth Friedman, Penny Orloff, Josefina Gadzinski

A special thank you to the 
Westside School of Ballet in Santa Monica 
for their unwavering support and 
donation of rehearsal space